Updated: Nov 27, 2019

It may sound crazy, but inside I am happy; on the outside, I am wounded. I fell a couple days ago and managed to rather swiftly break my right arm. Life is full of surprises! Stars or flashing lights floated around my scope of vision for a good 30 minutes since I also hit my head. I literally hit the proverbial wall. After the light show, it was just shock and pain and what do I do now? Due to circumstances, I went to bed and slept. In the morning I got myself and my belongings together and drove to urgent care. 2 hours later my arm was in a splint. There aren’t too many things that can stop me, but this event stopped my world. The funny thing is I didn’t get out of bed until 10am that morning, I was taking time off to relax and enjoy life. Now, I move slowly and carefully after a couple days of sleeping from the weariness of trauma and pain. Part of me wants to ask why, but asking what next might be more worthy a question. Everything takes at least twice as long, learning to be a lefty and one handed at that. From eating and dressing to typing and can I safely drive? Being optimistic and looking for the gold lining is a good place to begin. Beneficial ways to create new pathways in my brain, opening new doors to creativity; it is an interesting proposition. Sometimes the Universe gives you a firm push in the hopes that one will review, contemplate, refocus and make some life changes. That is my plan; slow down and shift my reality. I am mostly ready for the holidays, that is good.

I am looking forward to getting a permanent cast next week and feeling a bit more safe and protected. In the meantime, those old cerebral pathways are being rerouted.

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